Our Story

Our passion to serve you the high quality, delicious and natural meat was our starting point. We see ourselves as a part of your family, with our ready-to-eat healthy meals.

7düveeL Believes

In our philosophy, the idea of ‘’good food’’ is not only about meet your hunger need. It is also about nourish our souls with clean ingredients and feeling the joy with the flavor. We believe this is our responsibility to all human kind.

7düveeL Brings

7düveeL is an organization that brings together the harvest, production and distribution channels. The common purpose of all steps is to prioritize health and quality. 7düveeL was founded to introduce our people to a brand behavior of eating.

7düveeL Prepares

We only use fresh meat, vegetables, grains and seasonings in our meals and believe that it reflects as good quality and flavor. We believe that our inspiration is  mothers and grandmothers and their secret recipes  to prepare our meals. This inspiration leads us to use traditional and useful techniques such as micromashing and grill.